We will occasionally have a litter. When you have chosen us as your desired breeder you will receive information about the English Bulldog.

So in the time you have to wait for your puppy you can increase your knowledge on this breed and be well prepared for the new baby in your house. Of course we commit ourselves to make the best choice possible on combining the parents and in this respect health and character is far more important than show qualities. And when the puppy has moved to the new home we will stay in contact to be of help and advice.


1.  A Bulldog deserves a lot of attention and love so when you both work fulltime please look for a different breed.

2.  Although this breed can jump climbing stairs is not good for their hips so if you live in an apartment without elevator please forget about this breed or move house.

3.  Bulldogs love people and children. They are gentle and friendly but on the other hand when they are excited very powerful. So if you have young children it is not the best combination. A kid of 30 kgs will easily fly through the air when a bulldog comes running by or wants to play. So this is a combination we do not recommend as well.

4.  The modern bulldog likes to run and walk. So if you'd like like a bulldog that lies the complete day on the couch buy a statue.


If after reading this you are still convinced the bulldog is the breed that suits you we would be delighted if you contact us.








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