First of all we want to thank his breeder Maria Spaninks for enabling us to have this fantastic bulldog. She also advised us to bring this guy out on show with some great results. He took the first place in his class on his first show and copied that result regurarly afterwards. But Peanut likes more to be at home than at show. Sit outside or run and walk with us is his thing. Being hugged is his favourite hobby and any visitor will receive the real Peanut hug.

Just visit us for this 30 kg experience. He is extremely healthy and wants to show this off at any occasion.




From the Nasty Bull's Make My Day
NED & INTCH From the Nasty Bull's Cash-Boy Wyecaple Karaoke
From the Nasty Bull's Misty
From the Nasty Bull's Bibby  CH JW-W '04 Seabright Silver Satisfation 
Tumbling Bull of Joy Babe
Miep de la Deusone   Loveable  Bulls Geronimo  CH Mervander Thundering Home
Mervander Go for Gold
Gaelic Victor's Blitzkrieg  CH Calibra Krugerrand
Gaelic Victor's Amazone




Bleiswijk 04-11-2012    
2U Intermediate class M.C. Freeman
Goes 21-04-12    
3VG Youth class A. v.d. Heuvel Cowan
Leeuwarden 09-04-2012    
1U Youth class T. Owens
2U Youth class S. Sinko
Leiden 17-3-2012    
1U and RCAC Youth class A. van der Horst
Hoogstraten 08-01-2012    
1U and Best Youth Dog Youth class P. Roosenboom
Brussels 18-12-2011    
4 VG Youth class B. Karpel
Hertogenbosch 23-10-2011    
1 VP 's Puppy Class G. Payne







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