Bonita is everything that the public would not expect from a bulldog. In our view she's the future of the bulldog. She is very active, can stay in the sun for hours and she doesn't run but she flies. Quite often we have considered to take her to agility as she likes to jump and play the whole day.

Regurarly Bonita can be found on one of our tables or cupboards. But at the end of the day she is very caring and sweet. So we love her with all our heart.




CH JW-W '04 Seabright Silver Satisfation  NEDCH ,INTCH ,W '00
Wyecaple Good To Go
Beclever V.H. Slaghek
Desire From Bulls Happiness CH Wyecaple Karaoke
Paige V.D. Flying Bulldogs
Miss Espirit V/D Derini Bulls Bildaw What Ever It Takes at Mytyle Ringablok MacDonald Mystyle
Bildaw Lady Em
Rilana V/D  Derini Bulls Moodmakers Special Edition




Kortrijk 17-11-2012    
4U Youthclass C. Carberry [ UK ]
Bleiswijk 04-11-2012    
U Youth class M.C. Freeman
Goes 21-04-12    
1VP and Best Baby Baby class A. v.d. Heuvel Cowan








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