We are Kris and Ferry and we live in the green and lovely Kempen.

Being animal lovers of dogs in particular we were looking for years, for a breed that really attracted us. And we’ve found that in the English Bulldog. They really are more than just a dog they’re the best buddy you can wish for. In a short period our live has turned upside down and we really now live for our dogs. And we love every minute of it.


Our first bull Lola unfortunately only became 11 months due to severe health problems. In the meantime we bought already our male Peanut who was best mates with Lola. So when she passed away he was really devastated. So in 2 weeks we found another bulldog named Lili who captured his heart and ours in seconds. A few months later Bonita joined us and we hope that some nice dogs will follow in the future as our heart is big enough for this fantastic breed.





For any questions please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to share our love for this breed with you.

We hope you will enjoy this site






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